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I am running for the
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District 33.


Why Francine ---------

My role as a State Representative will be to create and propose legislation that will improve the lives of all Floridians in District 33 and the state of Florida. I will be working for you and I am counting on your support and your vote. I want to know what's important to you so I can implement meaningful change in our community. Click here to let us know your ideas.

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The Issues

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Good education brings jobs to the community, leading to the building of additional infrastructure which increases tax revenues thereby putting money back into education and our economy. This cycle will accomplish our goals without raising taxes.

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Are you a student interested in working for a campaign? We need your expertise in social media! A retiree who wants to get involved? We need your life experience to get out the vote! Vote Francine would love to have your help! Whatever skills you have to offer, we need! Click HERE to contact the campaign for volunteer opportunities.

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  • JOBS

    ISSUE:  Many young people are leaving the community after high school because there are few jobs for them. We must attract industry that will pay a decent wage and provide them with an opportunity to be part of a thriving economy.

    SOLUTION:  Industry brings jobs, jobs bring tax dollars, tax dollars bring infrastructure. In order to encourage industry to come to Florida, I will propose legislation that would create paths for a better trained population, by offering classes and internships to students and to people whose jobs have become obsolete, which will elevate the quality and vary their skills in order to give them opportunities to  fulfill their potential for a more secure and prosperous future.


    ISSUE: A well rounded education is key to a successful life. Our children need to get back to being children. They require social interaction, music and art, gym and training in the latest technologies which will afford them the opportunity to explore their abilities. We must provide a solid foundation of learning that will allow them to make informed decisions and become successful citizens in our community.

    SOLUTION: I will propose legislation that will provide internships and apprenticeships to be made available for those students who will benefit from hands-on training. Retraining workers is essential for those whose jobs have become obsolete, which will help to attract new industry to our area. I will work with existing local and future businesses to implement these types of educational programs.


    ISSUE:  As a founding member of Protect Our Water, a group dedicated to preserving our natural resources, I have fought to prevent the removal of our drinking water by bottling companies.

    Fracking is dangerous to Florida's environment by using large volumes of water and contaminating the groundwater.

    SOLUTION:   I will propose legislation to ban bottling companies from depleting our water supply, and I will also propose legislation  to ban fracking. We are the fifth fastest growing state in the country and we must preserve our natural resources and stop irreparable damage to our delicate ecosystem.


    ISSUE No one should have to choose between health care, paying their mortgage, or security for their family. Floridians with preexisting conditions should never have to worry about losing their healthcare benefits or paying substantially more for coverage. In addition, we need healthcare plans to accommodate all stages of life for those in our community.

    SOLUTION: I will introduce and support legislation that keeps healthcare costs low, especially prescriptions drugs and insurance premiums. I will be part of the fight to protect those with preexisting conditions! That is a promise!


    ISSUE:  All Floridians no matter, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation should have the same rights and protections under the constitution.

    SOLUTION:  I will do everything in my power to protect everyone's rights under the law, as well as ensuring equal opportunities for all Floridians.